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Popular Education / Educación Popular

I am only interested in education if it is ‘free’ (meaing democratic, non-hierarchical, and student centred a.k.a. ‘free schools’) or ’popular’ (in this case meaning ‘of the people’ a.k.a. popular education)

Popular Eduacation has 6 key figures.  It is:

1) Rooted in the interests and struggles of ordinary people

2) Overtly political and critical of the status quo

3) Committed to progressive social and political change

4) Based on the concrete experience and material interests of people in communities of resistance and struggle

5) Pedagogically collective, primarily focused on the group 

6) Utilized to forge a direct link between education and social action

That is, as opposed to educational models that:

- perpetuate the status quo

- treat people like blank states where the educator imposes a curriculum based on what they think people should know (or just what’s traditionally been taught)

- don’t value or care about peoples’ personal experiences

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